Thursday business lunch offer



Starter Food 1


Starter Food 2

Main Course

Main Course Food 1


Main Course Food 2


Warm Maroccain cus-cus with chikpeas and spinach leafs, served with feta cheese bits


Dessert Food 1



Vegetable skewers 3.20 €

With humus cream and olive oil

Jamon serrano grissini 3.50 €

With joghurt dip

Mathieu herring 3.50 €

With boiled potatoes, cottage cheese mousse and pickled onions

Golden bulgur 3.60 €

With roasted beets and goat cheese cubes

Salmon tartar6.20 €

Served with chopped greens and quail egg yolk

Salmon ballotine 7.80 €

With avocado cream and horseradish mousse

Smoked salmon 8.50 €

With quail eggs and cream-herb sauce

Mediterranean cheviche 8.90 €

With fresh cucumbers and lemon sauce

Tuna fish sashimi 9.80 €

With coriander sauce and orange segments


Garlic toasts 3.50 €

With cheese dip

Potato gratin 3.50 €

With dill cream cheese

Chicken wings 3.70 €

With spicy homemade tomato sauce

Cuttlefish in dough 3.80 €

with parsnip and homemade aioli sauce

Cooked green mussels 4.25 €

with pesto and tomato salsa

Spanish style omlette 4.60 €

With Jamon serrano, tomatoes and cheese

Cooked asparagus 4.70 €

With Jamon serrano slices and cheese

Chicken fillet tempura batter 4.90 €

With chilli sauce

Grilled lamb skewer 6.50 €

With vegetable stew

Scallops 7.70 €

With cauliflower purée and avocado cream

Chorizo pan fried tiger prawns7.80 €

Served with chilli oil

Slowly cooked octopus8.50 €

Served with potato mash and chilli-butter sauce

Pork ribs 8.70 €

With fried potatoes and BBQ sauce

Beef entrecote sashimi 9.90 €

With cauliflower purée and marinated vegetables


Bruschetta With salted salmon3.00 €

And quail eggs

Bruschetta With sliced Jamon serrano3.00 €

And parmigiano reggiano cheese and aragula leafs

Bruschetta With brie cheese3.00 €

And red onion marmelade

Bruschetta With tomato concasse3.00 €

And basil and fet cheese

Bruschetta With guacamole sauce3.00 €

And lightly marinated Greenland shrimps

Bruschetta with cream cheese3.00 €

And smoked salmon

Bruschetta With avocado slices3.00 €

And goat cheese Buche



Seasonal fruit plate10.20 €


Beer plate 10.50 €

(Chicken wings, garlic toasts, marinated vegetables, chicken liver patee), served with cream-herb dip

Cheese plate 12.00 €

(Masdaam cheese, Chedar, Reggiano Parmigiano, Bouche, Chevre long), served with seasonal berries, figs jam and Grissini

Meat plate 13.40 €

(Jamon Serrano, Chorizo, Fuet, Salami milano), served with chicken liver paste toasts and olives


Baltic cod fillet 9.90 €

With roasted seasonal vegetables and mushroom velouté sauce

Rainbow trout 12.00 €

With cauliflower puree, served with sun-dried tomatoes and tomato sauce with herbs

Sea bass13.90 €

With green asparagus, mashed sweet potatoes and butter fried broccoli, served with white wine sauce

Grilled tuna fish steak 17.50 €

With mustard-potato puree, green asparagus and tomato sauce with herbs


Corn chicken fillet 9.90 €

With potato gratin and roasted vegetables, served with white wine sauce

Beef burger 12.00 €

With homemade french fries, marinated vegetables, tomato pomodorino sauce and crispy Jamon serrano

Lamb rump steak 12.70 €

With eggplant puree and butter fried new potatoes, served with red wine bullion sauce

Black Angus beef (USA) entrecote 24.00 €

With butter fried potatoes, oyster mushrooms, caramelized shallot and red wine sauce


Risotto 7.60 €

With sun-dried tomatoes, green asparagus and cheese

Pasta Tagliatelle with sea food9.70 €

With orange sauce and parmigiano reggiano cheese

Pasta Tagliatelle with beef fillet9.80 €

With grilled zucchini and sun-dried tomatoes

Sea food risotto9.90 €

Served with tomato pomodorino sauce and Parmigiano reggiano cheese


Chicken bullion soup 4.50 €

With chopped greens

Cold gazpacho soup 4.70 €

With vegetarian salsa and ciabatta toast

Green pease cream soup 5.70 €

With smoked salmon and truffle oil

Fish-tomato bullion soup 7.80 €

With croutons


Caesar salad with fried chicken breast5.80 €

With anchovy sauce, Parmigiano reggiano cheese, cherry tomatoes and croutons

Caesar salad with crispy bacon5.80 €

With anchovy sauce, Parmigiano reggiano cheese, cherry tomatoes and croutons

Caesar salad with pan fried tiger prawns7.90 €

With anchovy sauce, Parmigiano reggiano cheese, cherry tomatoes and croutons

Mixed leaf salad 6.90 €

With smoked salmon, marinated beets, tomatoes and sweet vinegar sauce

Rocked leaf salad 7.50 €

With figs, balsamico-basil sauce, served with Jamon serrano


Catalana cream 4.50 €

With seasonal berries

Mascarpone cream 4.50 €

With berries and meringues

Homemade sorbet4.50 €

Chocolate biscuit cake 4.50 €

With seasonal berries and vanilla ice cream

White chocolate cheese cake 4.50 €

With strawberry sauce

Homemade ice cream4.50 €


Pancakes 3.00 €

With orange glaze, vanilla ice cream and berries

Chicken nuggets 4.50 €

With French fries and homemade tomato pomodorino sauce

Chicken meatballs 3.50 €

With mashed potatoes and homemade tomato pomodorino sauce

Pasta 3.50 €

With parmigiano reggiano cheese